Modern environmental monitoring and logging for sensitive substances in Healthcare by MedKit.

A fully compliant system for use with CMS’s Regulations and Interpretive Guidelines for Hospitals; 482.41(c)(4), 485.623(b)(5).

Ensure the effectiveness of your drugs and vaccines by monitoring their temperature and handling from production to delivery.

Product Safety in Storage, Production, and Transport

Medkit is a solution designed to make your facility compliant with local and federal regulations such as NFPA 99-2012, ASHRAE 170-2008, and CMS’s Regulations and Interpretive Guidelines for Hospitals; 482.41(c)(4), 485.623(b)(5) in the United States for temperature and humidity along with cold chain logging.

MedKit systems track and log environmental data in OR / PACU, Recovery areas, Refrigeration units, and delivery vehicles. To ensure the efficacy of pharmaceutical products, handling from production to delivery must be tracked. MedKit Health is your turnkey solution to tracking temperatures through pharmaceutical cold chains.

Environmental Sensors for Medical and Healthcare Applications

Monitoring and documentation of your facilities, refrigerators, freezers, Operating Rooms, PACU Recovery areas, and other essential equipment.

MedKit Health Solutions have been specifically designed for harsh Medical & Healthcare use. Devices include a lifetime warranty with an active subscription and managed replacement. With multiple options and configurations, reliable accuracy, and extended battery life, we have the solution to meet your clinic or hospital needs for cold chain and storage temperature tracking.

OR / PACU Temperature & Humidity

From operating room to recovery, maintaining strict temperature and humidity is critical. Our ambient sensors pick up the smallest changes in each.

Measure Temperature

-40°C to + 70°C

The MedKit TH-11 has an IP65 rating enclosure and monitors both temperature & humidity continuously.

CO2, Motion, Light, TVOC, Temperature & Humidity

Environmental (CO2, Light, TVOC) Display

Get instant feedback on room conditions with our highly visible display at almost any angle, including Co2 and TVOC levels.


Refrigeration Probe Sensors

With the ability to measure slight changes in temperature within 0.15C in resolution and a range of -80C to +800C, you are covered.

Cold Chain Logging

MedKit CC-1 temperature loggers are specially developed for monitoring temperature-sensitive products throughout the entire cold chain. Digital sensors measure the temperature with high accuracy. Together with long battery life and intuitive LED status indicators, the MedKit CC-1 sets a worldwide standard in logistics and storage.

Our systems ensure your facility is compliant with CMS’s Regulations and Interpretive Guidelines for Hospitals 482.41(c)(4) and 485.623(b)(5).

The MedKit Environmental Conditions Monitoring Platform

Included with this kit is a subscription to the Environments Application that allows you to visualize changes in your environment. You can also set minimum and maximum thresholds, and when a sensor crosses a threshold, you receive an alert (email/SMS).

The software also helps with compliance by providing an historical view by providing you with a historical view of your data along with detailed incident reporting.


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